Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) Certification

Why earn the CIMA Certification?

When you earn the CIMA certification you are not only equipping yourself, and your team, to better serve clients you are also investing in education that will help your business thrive.  Independent third-party research has shown that CIMA practices:

  • Manage more than twice the assets per client than other practices.
  • Generate more than twice the revenue per client.
  • Attract a larger share of clients' investments (share of wallet).
  • Work primarily with high-net-worth or ultra-high-net-worth clients.
  • More satisfied with their careers and earn more than other financial advisors.

What core topics are covered in the CIMA curriculum?

Review the Detailed Content Outline, found on pages 7-11, in the CIMA Candidate Handbook for a comprehensive list of the core topics covered in the qualification and certification exams.

What does the CIMA certification cost?

The cost of the certification process ranges between US$5,500 and US$8,000 depending on which education provider you choose. Your payment to IMCA is streamlined with fees for the application, qualification exam, and certification exam combined into one enrollment fee:

  • IMCA Members: US$600
  • Non-Members who Join IMCA®: US$995 (includes 1-year IMCA membership)
  • Non-Members: US$1,095

Education Providers:

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